Bailey Govier interviewed in OTMzine Spring 2012, Issue 11.

Abstraction in Canada

March 5, 2012- April 20, 2012 By Otino Corsano

"To be gently punched in the face would appear to be an extreme description of art reception; however, Govier’s paintings involve the type of elastic sensations only otherwise feasible in dreams. Melting i-beams, solid shadows and materialized light masquerading as colour fields are the optical pranks at play here. One stops short of suggesting these works make fun of painting and its haut couture since there still exists a recognizable, solemn stillness – one difficult to achieve yet maintained here as surprisingly both authentic and sincere. Govier’s succinct forms can incite anger as the result of a lingering minimalist envy and just as easily illicit ecstasy with the realization such unique, straightforward maneuvers can still play tricks with our art sensibilities."-Otino Corsano, 2012